Wednesday, December 30, 2015

pastel vibezzzz


so i'm really digging this nail polish from madam glam. this color is called pastel sky and i'm loving it. if u wanna check out more madam glam click here :) also here is a 30% off code you can use "taylorrice30"

now throwback to a couple weeks ago i went to the 1975 concert and it was very very fun aaaand pretty <3


now about a week ago hahahaha um i went to disneyland which is the most magical place ever btw

AND lastly my sister left me for the dominican republic :/ she'll be gone for 18 months and she won't have a phone, computer, tv, social media or anything so she's very brave i could never do that. but i'll miss her and she'll do great things there. here are some of our last moments before she left  :(


Sunday, October 4, 2015


suede booties - skechers
dress - aeropostale
necklace - aliexpress
rings - aeropostale
bracelets - alex and ani

okay so these are for sure going to be one of my go to boots for fall. these suede booties are from skechers. suede is definitely a big trend for this fall and i'm loving it. i also love how it has a mini wedge to give me a little extra height.

 the dress i'm wearing here is from aeropostale and it's from their tokyo darling collection which has the cutest boho clothing.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

classic sheffield

tank - aeropostale
pants - american eagle
shoes - bp nordstrom
necklace - forever 21

okay so i've never been a huge watch person but after i got this one from daniel wellington i cant stop wearing it it's perfect with any outfit. also of course for checking the time and the time on my phone doesn't work right now so it's very convenient :) i've looked for watches before and always saw some i thought were okay but i've never liked one this much! 

i'm digging this new henley tank i got from aero. i've only had it for not even a week and i'm guilty of already wearing it multiple times hahaha :)))


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015


top - urban outfitters
pants - aeropostale
shoes - skechers
bralette - aerie

i got this necklace from aliexpress and it's become one of my favorite necklaces!! i'm all into layering so this necklace is perfect for me. also the quality of it is very nice and it's perfect to add on to any outfit :)


Friday, June 19, 2015

shabby apple

dress: shabby apple
floral hair pins: wendy darlyne
necklace: forever 21
lips: lime crime - riot

my dress is from shabby apple and it's so adorable. it's from there blue bayou collection and it's called the pippa dress. what i really like about it is that it's a simple but super pretty dress so you can style it different ways. i also love that it has sort of a vintage feel to it. shabby apple has many other dresses just like this one you should go check it out :)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

earth baby

Sandals - Skechers
Top - Aerie
Skirt - Brandy Melville
Necklaces - Urban Outfitters/Hot Topic/Forever 21

 These are Indulge Earth Baby Skechers and they are amazing. They're so comfortable and super cute at the same time. These sandals are perfect for spring and summer. I have them in white but they are also available in black!

I'm very into layering when it comes to my outfits so of course I would layer my necklaces haahah. The rose choker is from Urban Outfitters. The middle one is from Forever 21. And the moon one is from Hot Topic :)))

This is the link to the Skechers website if you would like to check out their shoes :)))

These are other places you can find them!
Twitter: @skechersusa  
Facebook: /skechers
Instagram: @skechers