Sunday, September 14, 2014

test drive

 Boots: SKECHERS, Top: Urban Outfitters (brand: TELA), Kimono: Kohl's (brand: Mason + Mackenzie), Pants: Urban Outfitters (brand: BDG), Necklace: Hot Topic, Ring: Brandy Melville

 Okay so I'm really loving these new ankle boots from Skechers. They are perfect to wear with  skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings for fall. These shoes are a must have for the upcoming season! These ones are called the Mad Dash - Test Drive and I have the ones in Dark Brown. These boots can be purchased on Skechers website which is They can also be found at local Skechers retailers. One of my favorite parts about these boots is the metal stud accents. I'm also really into the strap detail.

This necklace is so intriguing to me. The inside of it looks like magical dust and I love it :)))

moons, moons, and more moons :) 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baseball Game Day Look

So today I wanted to show an outfit that I put together.  I was going for a look that could be worn at a baseball game! I chose the specific hat I did because the last baseball game I went to was an Angels game and I thought the colors would make for a cute outfit :) 

The hat itself is from from Fanatics. Fanatics is the perfect place to go for any type of sports apparel, with a huge selection of baseball hats to chose from!

 For this game day look since the hat is red I wanted to add a few more different pops of color. I was trying to make it comfy, cute, and I added a little of my own style too. I thought the baseball tee would be adorable to wear at a baseball game and then pair them with distressed shorts. I love to add tons of bracelets and rings to my outfits but I got myself to stick to just one of each this time. The sunglasses are great for games especially if your seats are directed right at the sun (trust me I've been there). Then I added some cute frilly socks with the yellow converse just to make the whole look a little more girly and fun while still being sporty and comfortable.

Outfit Details

- '47 Brand Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Clean Up Adjustable Hat Red (Fanatics)
- Classic Baseball Tee (Forever 21)
- Denim Shorts, Medium Blue (Mango)
- Yellow Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker (Converse)
- Light Blue Frill Trim Socks (River Island)
- Original Aviator Sunglasses (Ray-Ban)
- Sterling Silver Siam Ring (Accessorize)
- Turquoise Mix Beaded Bracelet (Chan Luu)


Friday, August 15, 2014

Up All Night

Makeup: Make Up By One Direction Up All Night Collection, Romper: Salt Tree, Rings: Aeropostale & Brandy Melville, Earrings: Aeropostale & American Eagle, Necklace: Salt Tree, Shoes: Cathy Jean

(This is a Sponsored Post)

So I got the opportunity to try the Makeup By One Direction Up All Night Collection Limited Edition Tin. What I like about this collection is that they have everything you need for a fun look! I used the makeup and made my own look out of it. I used everything besides the stencils and eye & body blue crayon just with this specific look. For the lips I used the light pink lipstick and used the liquilights pink glow gloss over the lipstick. I used a combination of all the eyeshadow colors in my look. I liked the nail polish but it was thin and shimmery so you had to add a few layers or use a thicker nail polish that's a similar color and add the one direction shimmery nail polish over it like I did and I liked how it turned out. I thought the mascara worked well. Overall I think this collection can make a very fun look and it can be used for younger and older girls. Also click HERE to check out their page on Facebook

Here are the US RELEASE DATES!: Macy’s – August 11th Stage Stores – August 25th Dillards – August 25th Beauty Brands – August 25th Lord and Taylor – August 25th 

Below is close of pictures of the makeup collection and my whole look :)))


Monday, July 28, 2014

finally works

 Top: Aeropostale, High Waisted Jeggings: Aeropostale, Bracelets: Aeropostale, Rings: Aeropostale, American Eagle, and one other place I don't remember it though.. Boots: Dr. Martens, Earrings:
Aeropostale and American Eagle.

I really like these cream high waisted jeggings from Aero that can be worn all year round.

Some arm candy from Aeropostale.

My floral doc martens that I'm slightly in love with <3
Aero has a totally new and fresh look that you all should check out!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

new camera charger + new ootd = :)))

Romper: T A R G E T, Bracelets: A E RO P O S T A L E  &  A E R I E, Rings: (I can't remember where they are all from but I know one of them is from A M E R I C A N  E A G L E), Shoes: D E E N A  &  O Z Z Y (Bought from U R B A N  O U T F I T T E R S)

Okay so one of my favorite things about this romper is definitely the pockets. You can't really see them in the pictures but they are there hahaah :) I also really liked the lace pattern at the end of the romper.

The black bracelet is from Aeropostale and the blue on is from Aerie. One of my favorite trends for summer right now is layering accessories. I love to layer bracelets, rings, and necklaces :)))

The silver midi ring is from American Eagle and the purple on with flowers was a graduation present but I'm not sure where it's from.

I'm not sure where my midi ring with the blue stone is from but my other ring was given to me for my birthday a year or so ago and it's my birthstone <3

These wedges are a little different from most wedges. They still give you height but they go flat across instead of at a slant.

I finally got my new computer yay. I had also lost my camera charger but I got a new one so I can take pictures again which is obviously apparent :)))

Monday, June 30, 2014

how my senior quote got almost 30,000 likes

Okay so I have been wanting to post way more it's just so hard to on this stupid computer I have that barely works now and it's super slow. I've been waiting to post till my new computer came but it's coming from China so it's taking foreverrrrrrrrrrr. It should be here in a week or so which is exciting and I will be posting way more. I just thought I would take this time to talk about something random that happened in my life a couple weeks ago. So last fall when it was time to choose a senior quote I had no idea what to choose for mine and of course I waited last minute. All that was on my mind at the moment was the show Awkward because it's one of my favorite shows of all time and I had just been watching it. I am all for Team Matty so why not make it my senior quote?? I liked the idea of my SQ being #TeamMatty rather than some sad attempt at an inspirational quote that I would make fun of myself over in 10 years. So at the end of the school year when we got our yearbooks I decided to tweet the show my senior quote just for fun. They ended up seeing it they replied and retweeted my tweet.

Then they posted in on their Twitter and Tumblr. Awkward also followed me.

 Then I found out they posted it on their Facebook and my Senior Quote got almost 30,000 likes which is kind of crazy because I never thought that many people would even see my senior quote. But I was looking at the comments and there were actually a lot of hateful comments and I just thought it's funny how grown adults would take time out of their day to call a 17 year old girl dumb and stupid when I was just trying to make my senior quote fun instead of something boring and cliche. Your senior quote doesn't determine what your future will be it's just a few words next to a picture in a book that you might look through a few times and then not look at it again till your older. I thought it was kind of cool that this happened to me because I realize no matter what some people will be negative and mean just because they can be. People are bored and not happy with their own lives so they have to go make others feel bad to make themselves feel better. But in general not everyone is going to like you or will be nice to you but you can't take it personally a lot of the time it's because of their own personal issues.

Then also Molly Tarlov (who plays Sadie in the show) said she loved my quote which I thought was super cool!!

So that's pretty much what happened... Once I get my computer I will be posting more it's just so hard to do anything on this current computer ughhhhhhhhh


Monday, June 9, 2014

floral & spikes

 Necklace: Forever 21, Top: Urban Outfitters, Ring: American Eagle, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Steve Madden

(close up of my midi ring)
 This is my friend Nicole and I took some pictures of her and I decided to share. I think she is gorgeous and should be a model btw :)))