Friday, December 19, 2014


Sweater- American Eagle
Scarf - Brandy Melville
Bracelets - Aeropostale, Aerie, American Eagle
Jeans: American Eagle

These Skechers are honestly my new favorite shoes for winter the are so comfy and cute! Also I adore the buttons on the side :)

 The red one is from Aeropostale. The blue one with the floral beading is from Aerie. The brown beaded one is from American Eagle :)


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Casa Silk

Hi Everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about Casa Silk. This place has the most beautiful silk scarves! If you have never thought of getting a silk scarf there are  essentially some advantages of silk scarves such as using it as a pillow towel. 
Beauty: Natural silk is definitely a all-natural protein fiber generating from 18 forms of 
amino acids. Differs from cotton and chemical fiber, all-natural silk is connected to 
human skin in chemical composition evaluation. With quite superior compatibility, 
organic silk acts considerable function in nourishing and guarding the skin. When use 
silk scarves as pillow towel, you are going to truly feel its smooth, cool and care for 
the skin. Then you definitely will recognize your skin is as smooth as organic silk. 
Natural silk is also created use of to assist keep your hair supple and smooth at the 
identical time. 
Overall health: Lately, obtaining many scientific investigation achieved, people today 
learn that all-natural silk function too getting care therapy. Organic silk is amongst 
protein fibers, silk fibroin consists of 18 types of amino acids which might be 
beneficial to human physique. Silk fibroin can help sustain the skin surface 
membrane metabolism to assist preserve the skin moist and smooth. On top of that, 
it can be truly superior for the remedy of distinct skin ailments at the very same time 
simply because the auxiliary aspect. As outlined by the demands of several 
components from the physique, healthcare workers select 30 sufferers with pruritus 
treatment to obtain the treatment of all-natural silk. The outcomes show that the 
uncomplicated use of silk fabric can acquire pretty great influence without the need of 
the require from the use of topical medicines. If adopted a single cushion and silk 
underwear, and just after that silk dressing the bedsores later, long-termed bedridden 
men and women would recover inside the discomfort incredibly quickly. 
Consequently, organic silk is referred to as “Fiber Queen” for its exclusive charm.

I personally love the green silk scarves. The one below is one I really like which is the Beautiful Peacock And Phoenix Pattern Green Square Silk Scarf

Everyone should definitely check out Casa Silk <3

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

van Gough

Hat: Nordstrom, Dress: Betsey Johnson, Necklace: Hot Topic, Boots: Cathy Jean, Lipstick: mix of MAC Dark Side & Cyber

Here is a close up shot of my hat that I adore and is very big and loveable.

This necklace has a watch and it opens up and it has a Vincent van Gogh painting in the background like idk about you but I love it.

So pretty much I haven't been blogging as much lately and it really sucks :((( Iv'e been realllllllllly busy lately. I'm going to try to post more though :)))


Sunday, September 14, 2014

test drive

 Boots: SKECHERS, Top: Urban Outfitters (brand: TELA), Kimono: Kohl's (brand: Mason + Mackenzie), Pants: Urban Outfitters (brand: BDG), Necklace: Hot Topic, Ring: Brandy Melville

 Okay so I'm really loving these new ankle boots from Skechers. They are perfect to wear with  skinny jeans, jeggings, or leggings for fall. These shoes are a must have for the upcoming season! These ones are called the Mad Dash - Test Drive and I have the ones in Dark Brown. These boots can be purchased on Skechers website which is They can also be found at local Skechers retailers. One of my favorite parts about these boots is the metal stud accents. I'm also really into the strap detail.

This necklace is so intriguing to me. The inside of it looks like magical dust and I love it :)))

moons, moons, and more moons :) 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baseball Game Day Look

So today I wanted to show an outfit that I put together.  I was going for a look that could be worn at a baseball game! I chose the specific hat I did because the last baseball game I went to was an Angels game and I thought the colors would make for a cute outfit :) 

The hat itself is from from Fanatics. Fanatics is the perfect place to go for any type of sports apparel, with a huge selection of baseball hats to chose from!

 For this game day look since the hat is red I wanted to add a few more different pops of color. I was trying to make it comfy, cute, and I added a little of my own style too. I thought the baseball tee would be adorable to wear at a baseball game and then pair them with distressed shorts. I love to add tons of bracelets and rings to my outfits but I got myself to stick to just one of each this time. The sunglasses are great for games especially if your seats are directed right at the sun (trust me I've been there). Then I added some cute frilly socks with the yellow converse just to make the whole look a little more girly and fun while still being sporty and comfortable.

Outfit Details

- '47 Brand Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Clean Up Adjustable Hat Red (Fanatics)
- Classic Baseball Tee (Forever 21)
- Denim Shorts, Medium Blue (Mango)
- Yellow Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker (Converse)
- Light Blue Frill Trim Socks (River Island)
- Original Aviator Sunglasses (Ray-Ban)
- Sterling Silver Siam Ring (Accessorize)
- Turquoise Mix Beaded Bracelet (Chan Luu)


Friday, August 15, 2014

Up All Night

Makeup: Make Up By One Direction Up All Night Collection, Romper: Salt Tree, Rings: Aeropostale & Brandy Melville, Earrings: Aeropostale & American Eagle, Necklace: Salt Tree, Shoes: Cathy Jean

(This is a Sponsored Post)

So I got the opportunity to try the Makeup By One Direction Up All Night Collection Limited Edition Tin. What I like about this collection is that they have everything you need for a fun look! I used the makeup and made my own look out of it. I used everything besides the stencils and eye & body blue crayon just with this specific look. For the lips I used the light pink lipstick and used the liquilights pink glow gloss over the lipstick. I used a combination of all the eyeshadow colors in my look. I liked the nail polish but it was thin and shimmery so you had to add a few layers or use a thicker nail polish that's a similar color and add the one direction shimmery nail polish over it like I did and I liked how it turned out. I thought the mascara worked well. Overall I think this collection can make a very fun look and it can be used for younger and older girls. Also click HERE to check out their page on Facebook

Here are the US RELEASE DATES!: Macy’s – August 11th Stage Stores – August 25th Dillards – August 25th Beauty Brands – August 25th Lord and Taylor – August 25th 

Below is close of pictures of the makeup collection and my whole look :)))